Monday, July 27, 2015

Tot School: Week 4 (Rainbow Colors)

Miles is 15 months.

Here's what was on Mile's Tot School shelf for rainbow week!

Shapes and Button Sensory Play. I added some colorful large shape buttons and some foam shapes to a tin and gave him a scoop and muffin tin.  (Big sister loved it just as much - maybe more!)

Rainbow Bell Shaker. He immediately started walking around the room shaking it, like we had done for our Fourth of July parade a few weeks ago!  I was surprised he seemed to remember that.

Colored Popsicle Stick Transfer. This was hands down the favorite.  These popsicle sticks went all over the house with him all week long.  I had a parmesan cheese container and an empty baby puff container and he loved playing with the lids and transferring the sticks back and forth.  He really impresses me with his fine motor skills and his persistence!  By the end of the week he was easily putting the sticks through the small holes of the parmesan cheese container. (Look at that concentration!)

Melissa and Doug Shape Stacker. He had really started to love his ring stacker the past couple weeks, so I thought this would be a hit.  He enjoyed doing it a few times, but really wasn't that into it after that.  I'll bring it back in a few weeks.

Playdoh and Stacking Pegs. That is a happy face in the picture, in case you can't tell!  He was seriously thrilled to gett to play with playdoh like big sister - most times he is so interested in what she is doing and I have to redirect him to something else. I wish I could have captured his face when I gave him a piece and told him he could play with some!  I gave him some pegs to put in the playdoh and make marks with.  Unfortunately, we had to call it quits because he just wouldn't quit trying to put it in his mouth!  Again, we'll try again in a few weeks.


  1. I've been so nervous about letting my youngest play with playdoh...but I think I'll let him! I'm getting ready to begin totschool with him next month.

    1. I totally get it. He's such a different child than my daughter, and I've been more hesitant to let him try things. He definitely needs "don't blink an eye" supervision on things like this! It's been a while since I had seen your blog - your oldest son is getting so big! I read all of your tot school posts about him when I was first starting out and got tons of great ideas. I would love your link to follow your blog in the future if you will share! Thanks for reading! :)