Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tot School: Apples (Adam and Eve)

We are continuing to follow the basic structure of Intentional by Grace's Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum, so this week was all about Apples and Adam and Eve.

During our Bible and Tot School Board time, we read the story of Adam and Eve and the Fall of Man from a couple of our toddler Bibles, including the Jesus Storybook Bible. We also worked on our memory verse for the week Psalm 34:8a, and continued to recite the Fruit of the Spirit.

Literacy Activities 

Apple "a". We used a Do-a-Dot marker to make "apples" on our lowercase a.  Sophie made the apples and then added stems with a marker.  This was great prewriting practice! (Don't worry, we adjusted pencil grip!) Oh, and for the record, we most certainly have a left-handed little lady.  

Apple Tree Uppercase/Lowercase Matching.  I drew a tree and wrote the uppercase letters all over it.  Then on red dot stickers, I wrote the lowercase letters.  Sophie matched up the lowercase "apples" to the correct spot on the tree.  She is getting really good at this!  (She had a few issues because the stickers were circles and would get turned around...note to anyone who might try this activity!)

Uppercase/Lowercase Letter Matching Puzzles.  Sophie matched the letters we have done so far using these cards from Homeschool Creations.  They match our letter cards from our Tot School Board.  I keep thinking I need to put magnets on the back of these or something because Sophie gets really bothered when they don't line up just right.  We have a serious perfectionist on our hands...

Apple Picking Game.  We did a simpler version of this game back when we did the Letter A when she was two, and I shared about it over at the Activity Mom.  This time, I wrote lowercase letters on the apples and placed them around the room.  She would find all the apples and put them in her basket after telling me the letter and the letter sound.  We played this game almost every day, multiple times.  Definitely her favorite activity.

Sophie loves writing in her book with dry-erase markers.  I used the Prewriting Practice pages and just for kicks threw in the Aa and Ee writing pages as well, both from the 3 Dinosaurs Romping and Roaring A Pack.  She was SO proud of writing her letters!

Math Activities

 Apple Patterns.  We did simple AB patterns with our apples.  This was our first real try at patterning, and she eventually got the hang of it.  We definitely will need to continue to work on this skill.

Apple Number Sequencing Puzzle from Amy Lattin on Teachers Pay Teachers (free!). This was also played with almost every day.  

Other Activities

Coffee Filter Apples.  We did this fun craft from Gift of Curiosity.  In this picture, she has "written" the names of everyone in our family around the outside of her coffee filter.  :)  Her favorite part, though, was definitely spraying it with the water bottle!  This activity will be a repeat for sure.

Miles (14 Months)

Starting next week, I think Mr. Miles is going to get his own Tot School post because he will be getting his very own Tot Trays!  He is getting so curious about everything and I am really seeing he get interested in figuring things out and repeating what he sees his sister do.  

This week, he tried coloring for the first time!  He was so happy of himself. (Don't know that reference? Do yourself a favor and check out this video - the adorableness will make your day!)

He also really enjoyed playing with Sophie's apples.  He would put them in the basket and dump them out over and over again.  Forgive the diaper picture - it's already full-blown hot here!

Up next: Our Fourth of July Tot School Activities!

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