Saturday, July 25, 2015

BIG Tot School: All About Me Theme

We jumped back in with the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum themes this week.  It was all about the Good News of the Gospel with an All About Me Theme. Here's what we did in addition to some of the activities from that plan. 

 Literacy Activities 

X is for X Ray. We made an X out of q-tips and talked about how an x-ray shows doctors what our bones look like.

Uppercase/Lowercase Matching Puzzle. This fun puzzle was from the Target Dollar Spot.  She had lots of fun with this one and invented her own fun ways to play!  The first day she pretended it was a lake and she was a frog and had to jump over it to get the right pieces.  The next time we played the pieces were "pies" and she wanted me to pretend like I couldn't find the matching piece to make my "s pie".  Then we would come up with something yummy (or silly) that started with that letter to talk about what the pretend pie tasted like.  LOVE the imagination this sweet little lady is developing! 

Rhyming Word Mats.  Rhyming has taken off in a big way in our house.  She doesn't always get it right, but she is constantly telling me that two words rhyme.  She gets better and better every day, but she really enjoyed this activity from PreKinders.

 Name Puzzle. 

Math Activities

Body Part Patterning. We continued working on AB patterns with these body part pattern pieces.  She really got these figured out this week.  We will probably move on to ABC patterns next time! (I cannot for the life of me find these printables again!  I just reorganized my Pinterest and they are nowhere to be found. If you know the source, please comment so I can share!)

All About Me Puzzle. I found this clever idea to cut apart a picture and stick it to Duplos at LMNO Preschool.  It was a little challenging at first, so I started by giving bigger pieces (2 stuck together already) until she was ready.  Working a puzzle vertically was a whole new challenge for her, but she loved seeing herself and making a few intentionally silly pictures as well!

Melissa and Doug Dress Up Bears. We used these to talk about small, medium, and large.

I Am Special Book. I found this great printable All About Me book to use with Sophie.  We did it together, as there were several parts that were too old for her, but we enjoyed it.  This was really the first time I have seen her color something specific instead of just draw circles or lines around things.  She loved tracing the letters and did a great job with her drawings! 

Other Activities 

Body Part Puzzle. She cut this body puzzle apart and put it back together again - she wanted to call him Humpty Dumpty.

Investigating Fingerprints.

Lifesize Sophie. I had her lie down and I traced her full size.  Then we drew on her clothes, face, and colored it in.  She was so proud to hang it on the wall to show Daddy!

Next week we will learn about Rainbows! 


  1. I love All About Me lessons! It was one of my favorite units in the classroom! What Fruits of the Spirit curriculum are you doing? I just completed a study of the fruits with my Little Man.

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    1. Hey Courtney! Thanks for stopping by! I usually include the link in my post, so thanks for alerting me that I hadn't. :) We are using Intentional By Grace's Fruit of the Spirit toddler curriculum. ( Love your book activities. Looking forward to reading more in the future! :)