Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tot School - Rectangles

Sophie is 21.5 months old.

This week was all about rectangles, and I have to admit, after the fun heart week we had during Valentine's Day, I just wasn't feeling this one.  Honestly, Sophie kind of felt the same way.  The trays were kind of random and really simple because I just didn't put the time into planning and prepping for this one.  Totally my fault.

There was no sensory bin this week.  Mostly just because this pregnant lady is getting very tired and naps have just become priority during Sophie's naptime.  

Tot Trays

The first tray was one of the two that she really liked.  I got brave (*ahem* crazy) and put two containers with just a little bit of water and a sponge for transferring.  It didn't take a rocket scientist to determine this would be her favorite.  We always played with this first, and often times didn't even move on to the other trays at all.  She got really good at transferring with the sponge, and it definitely worked her little hand muscles!

Her second tray got no love.  It was a few jenga blocks (Donkey Kong version my husband has ;)) for stacking.  Lame, Mom.  The only interest she had was in the holes on the side of the block.  She thought they were beads and kept trying to take a shoestring from another tray and lace them.  

The third tray was her wooden name puzzle.  I thought since she has taken such an interest in letters lately that this would get her attention, but she never even let me take it off the shelf for her.  We'll try again later.

Her fourth tray was some pig shape matching cards I made and blogged about on The Activity Mom.  She wasn't interested in these either.  You can grab your free printable here if you think your toddler might be more interested than mine! :)

Tray number five was the only other tray that got attention.  It was the easiest, laziest tray I had this week, but she loved it!  I pulled out the animals from her Farm Animal Toob and let her play with them.  She sat there for ten minutes at a time singing songs with the animal names and sounds.  It was so precious!  She would stand them all up on their feet and then "ooohhhh nooooo!" dump the tray and do it all again.  Definitely a simple hit.

The last tray was a rectangle lacing card I made.  She didn't really even want to try it, but she did use the string to try and lace the Jenga blocks.  

Other Activities

We did some baking and lots of pretend kitchen play this week, but nothing really special to write about.  We had some sunny days that were great for going to the park, so we loved getting outside again!

We did do a couple "craft" activities.  We made a bus out of (mostly) rectangles, because Sophie thinks "Wheels on the Bus" is the best song ever written.  And she loves to glue.  Win-win.  We also did a St. Patrick's Day shape puzzle I shared over at Activity Mom (printable available here!) that she absolutely loved doing.  She really impressed me with her ability to be able to glue the shapes in the correct spot.  We'll be doing another page of this next week!

Perhaps the most important news of all is that she wore her first pigtails this week!  I can't resist sharing the cuteness with you! :)  When did my baby get so big???

Up next week is stars, and probably our last shape week.  We may do one general shape review, but I haven't decided yet!

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