Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tot School: Purple

Sophie is 15 months old.

This week was all about the color purple.  It was SO much easier for me to find purple things around here than orange - my sweet little one is ALL girl and we have pink and purple everywhere! Despite all of my purple items, this week was not a huge hit.  She loved her sensory bin, but everything else was barely touched.

Sensory Bin

Her sensory bin this week consisted of purple rice (man...mixing food coloring for purple is HARD!), purple cups and spoon, purple counting bears, and her favorite - purple Mardi Gras beads.  She loved playing with the beads especially, but also stirring with the spoon and cup.  I think her love for the sensory bin was a big factor in her not touching the other items.  It was always the first thing she wanted and she'd play for a good 20 minutes.  By the time she was done with the purple bin, she was ready to move on from Tot School altogether.

We also played with purple playdoh and foam shapes!  She's started saying her version of "playdoh" when she wants to play with it.

Tot Trays

Her first tray, which she hardly touched, was purple pom balls on a paint palette.  She played with this one time, pretty much to hide the poms under her leg.  It was a fun game, though!  She's really been in to hiding things and then pulling them out to surprise me.  It will continue to be fun until she hides my keys or something important! ;)

Her second tray was a purple cup with straight clothespins around the outside.  I was really worried this would be too difficult for her, so I put some counting bears inside as another way to play.  She was able to pull the clothespins off and put them back on with a little help, and enjoyed putting them in the cup.  We also spent time counting them, and pretending they were five little monkeys jumping on the bed (her favorite song right now).

Too excited about Tot School to change out of our jammies!
Her last tray was one Melissa shared at Eyes of a Boy.  I cut two hands out of cardstock, laminated them, and glued them to popsicle sticks so I could stick them into floral foam.  Then I made a few matching "rings" from pipe cleaners.  Sophie loves the book Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb, so I thought this would be a good tie in to that!  She did enjoy this one better than her other trays this week, and was able to do it relatively easily.  She still isn't color matching independently (which is fine!), but she does it with help.  Even more than putting the rings on the colored hands, she enjoyed putting them on my fingers.  We had some sweet playtime with this one and it will definitely make a reappearance in the future!

I also included her Magna Doodle on the shelf this week.

Other Activities

We continued our God Made Everything book and board this week, adding purple flowers.  Sophie painted her picture with Do-A-Dot paint.  When we were reading a story this week, I asked her if she could find the yellow sun (talking about the page in the book).  She nodded yes, then got up and walked to her God Made Everything board and pulled off the yellow sun piece!  Too cute.

Up next week:  Rainbows! Should be lots of fun!

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  1. I love your blog and this post! We just finished purple too!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jenn! I love how you tied in Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Looking forward to seeing more of your Tot School adventures with Little Man! :)