Friday, July 5, 2013

A (VERY) Rainy Independence Day!

Our local meteorologists gave a 100% chance of rain for the 4th of July.  Unfortunately, they were correct:  100% of our 4th of July was filled with rain!  There was some pretty serious flooding around our town and all of the city's celebrations were cancelled.  I was pretty bummed because I was definitely looking forward to taking Sophie to the parade.  She would have loved it.

Not the best picture of Sophie, lol, but the cutest one of her little 4th of July outfit!
We spent a little bit of time with family, but once we heard roads were closing we decided to head home for a quiet evening in.

We grilled some hotdogs in the George Foreman and had a living room picnic - nothing says freedom quite like that. :)  Sophie thought it was pretty fun to eat on the floor right next to Mommy and Daddy instead of in her chair.  We also watched Finding Nemo (the first time for both Sophie and Clay), which seemed highly appropriate considering the ridiculous amount of water we'd been seeing and hearing all day!
She looks like such a big girl!

All in all, it was a good day, and thankfully the rain slowed down by late evening.  Although as I type this, another system of rain has made its way here and it is once again pouring!  What happened to our Florida sun?  As one optimistic friend suggested, though, at least there weren't firework bans due to dry conditions.... :)

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