Monday, August 31, 2015

Tot School: Transportation Theme

Miles is 16 months old.

On the Shelf

Cars.  I made a painter's tape road on the carpet for him to try to drive his cars along.  He wasn't too interested in the road, but the cars were played with constantly!

Spoon Transfer Vehicle Erasers. He loved these little erasers I picked up from the Dollar Tree.  Spooning was a little difficult for him, but it was great for him to practice.

Construction Vehicle Puzzle, Dump Truck with Blocks, and Vehicle Pop Beads.  No pictures, but he loved taking the puzzle pieces out of the puzzle - no real interest in putting them back in! The other toys were not so exciting because they had been out in our playroom for a while.

Activities With Sophie

Mosaic Traffic Lights.  I am really loving projects that they can do together, each on their own level. I'm definitely going to work to include more of these!

Stamp Painting Cars. They both sponge painted their cars using these templates. Miles was so proud to have something to hang up on the refrigerator next to Sophie's!

Next week I will start doing color themed weeks with Miles. Sophie's stuff will be getting less obviously "themey" as we start her Preschool stuff, and it will be difficult to keep their stuff coordinated.  I'm getting over the desire to have everything all matched to the theme...ain't nobody got time for that.  It's seriously hard for me to let go of that though. But if I don't, we would never actually do preschool and tot school, I would just plan for all of eternity.

So, next week - Red!

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