Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tot School: Yellow

Sophie is 13 months old.

Sophie really seemed to enjoy Yellow week in Tot School.  She and I skype with my mom almost every morning and Sophie wanted to play Tot School with Grandma two different times this week.  She'll crawl over and point at her shelf, saying what I can only assume to be her version of "Tot School".  How can I say no to that?

Sensory Bin

Her sensory bin was full of yellow items this week.  This one was a good bit harder for me than the other weeks!  Apparently I don't have much yellow. Her two favorite items in the bin were a yellow bean bag (when you shake it it makes noise...the girl loves a good instrument) and a yellow "koosh"-type lamb that flashes colored lights when you bounce it.  She was fascinated by that little thing but seemed a little concerned about how it felt in her hands.  She kept trying to pick it up by one little string.

Puzzle and Book Bin

Her puzzle this week was her Melissa and Doug Shape puzzle.  She did really well with this!  She's starting to figure out the idea behind puzzles and is getting pretty good at putting pieces in.  She also really enjoyed the puzzles at the library!

During our library trip, we got a few color books including Brown Bear, Brown Bear and some general "First Words" books.  Her favorite, though, was Quick, Duck.  (Future note to self: This book would be fabulous to focus on prepositions through the grass, over the stones, in the water, etc..  It would make such a fun gross motor "obstacle course" when Sophie is older!)  She is really loving books these days and nothing could make me happier!

Tot Trays

Sophie really enjoyed all three Tot Trays this week.  Her first tray was her little hand broom and yellow pom poms.  (A great idea I got from Melanie at Teach What Counts).  She enjoyed sweeping them up, but got really interested when one stuck to the bristles.  After that discovery she spent most of her time trying to get them to stick to the broom.

Her second tray was putting yellow pipe cleaners into a parmesan cheese container.  She worked hard at this one and eventually got the hang of it.  It seemed a little too hard for her at first, so I took the lid off and tried to just get her to put them in the cup.  This little determined girl wanted nothing to do with momma making things easier for her and wanted the lid back on.  A few more tries and she had it!  She also discovered that it was really fun to take the pom poms from her other tray and shake them up in the canister.

Her third tray was definitely the favorite.  I took some of her Melissa and Doug magnets (only the animals) and put them on a little pan.  She got pretty good at identifying several of them (dog, horse, goat, monkey) and making some animal sounds.  This is a picture of her "loving" the animal.  She did this all the time! :)

Other Activities

This week she painted with yellow do-a-dot paint (which she loves!) and played with Play-doh for the first time.  She was pretty timid at first (she doesn't really like "messy" hands) but got more interested as we played.  Her favorite thing to do was to take some little balls I made and put them in the canister (pretty much her go-to game). :)

She also spent a lot of time with music this week.  I'm teaching the children's music for our Vacation Bible School and was working on learning the songs and motions.  Sophie LOVED the dvd and wanted me to play it over and over again (it shows kids dancing and singing).  She played her drum with them and eventually started trying some motions.  It was precious.
We won't do official Tot School this week because of VBS - it's just too busy and she's getting lots of fun activities at church with her friends.  She came home with a sensory bottle with sparkle confetti today! We'll start back up the following week, probably with the color green.

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